I grew up in the Los Angeles area, where I earned my BA in Fine Art at UCLA. There, I continued my studies at the graduate level for a year before leaving for France, where I attended classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. An unexpected two-year expatriation living in Paris saw me matriculating through that mystical rite of passage, which the French refer to as one’s “voyage de formation”. I returned to the U.S., to San Francisco, and later to Mendocino County, where I now live in the aptly named town of Boonville, California, just three hours north of San Francisco. I have recently received the Abbey Foundation for the Arts’ Artist in Residence Studio Grant for 2006-2007.

My research into potential materials, processes, and contextual applications is ongoing. Presently , I am prepared to accept commission arrangements for more substantial works to be constructed of highly polished sheet aluminum or stainless steel , and , if called for , colored sheet glass in combination with either.


“The role of the artist is to heal society by revealing mystic truths.” -Bruce Naumen

These works offer Transparency as subject for aesthetic inquiry. The fact that I am not using transparent materials to create this imagery is critical to my working methods, and of interest to the way the work performs as an aesthetic statement. Each piece is made of thin mirrored sheets that are arranged to mimic the effects of various transparent solids. They are constructed to sustain the illusion of broken chunks of glass or solid crystalline forms. The fact that these works are not solid forms, but only appear to be so, reveals the intended fulfillment of each piece as being contingent upon each viewer’s own perceptual engagement. The encounter and the re-envisioning of that encounter, then, tend to highlight one’s personal relatedness to the work within a discreet series of unfolding moments in time.